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Corporate Secretarial




PPL is offering competent corporate secretarial services in Singapore from last year. We provide you with a qualified, trained, and experienced company secretary Singapore to assist in your organizational functions with minimum fuss. Our corporate secretarial services are comprehensive and cost-effective. Our company secretarial services Singapore are suitable for both local and multinational organizations irrespective of the size. We offer unprecedented secretarial company services to a varied range of sectors.



PPL provides company secretary services including:


  • Opening of bank account in Singapore

  • Custody and maintenance of statutory registers

  • Preparation of resolutions for the annual statutory obligation in relation to annual general meetings

  • Filling of annual statutory returns

  • Striking off of companies



Importance of Corporate secretary in Singapore



Corporate secretarial services Singapore is gaining popularity because corporate compliance is a complex factor and a tad too, intricate to be handled without proper experience and training. ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority) is the body that governs reporting compliances in Singapore. If ACRA does not receive the company’s annual reports on time, they contact the company secretary or the nominated corporate secretarial service to act in this capacity. Such is the importance of the company secretary. Foreign entrepreneurs and corporate benefits by hiring one of the experienced corporate secretarial services Singapore. Singaporean entrepreneurs and companies also find that appointing a competent corporate secretarial service is an easy way of simplifying administrative tasks. Singapore company secretarial services assist in error-free statutory compliance.


We at PPL, as a part of our company secretarial services Singapore, provide you with a competent staff who would carry out all the nuances in an efficient manner. In addition, our highly skilled and trained corporate secretarial services team advises the clients on statutory compliance needs and corporate governance matters.


As one of the competent secretarial services in Singapore, PPL offers integrated corporate secretarial service solutions to its clients, freeing up time for you to focus on your core business activities. With company secretarial services of PPL, you can rest assured that both routine and extraordinary matters of your company are performed in a specialized and effective manner. Though, as a nominee corporate secretary services provider, we share the least of responsibility with the other stakeholders, we stick to our responsibilities towards our client.

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